A Registered Training Organization, Skilled Up Education, offers a wide range of training options to address industry skill gaps as well as specialised short diploma and certificate programmes to meet business needs.

Organizations will benefit from Skilled Up’s assistance in developing their strong points, giving a workable competitive edge, and gaining advantages in their industry.

Our Obligation Is To:

Provide education to  Australian National Standards and offer a chosen range of specialised training that is nationally recognised; Give employees and trainees recognisable, condensed section-level talents. 

About Skilled Up

All of our instructors and inspectors have a wealth of expertise working with and alongside organisations from a wide variety of industries. Our trainers possess a high level of expertise and credentials in addition to recent and relevant industry experience.

Skilled Up is your one-stop solution for all of your administrative and skill development requirements. Skilled Up is a nationwide supplier with over 22 years of expertise across a wide range of sectors, specialising in effective product technical and vocational education courses. We recognise the value of delivering new learning solutions to aid in the promoting of your products and services, as well as the growth of your people and organisation.

Our Training courses are founded on years of study and offer high-impact outcomes. Skilled Up ensures that our programmes incorporate the most recent developments in development tools and tactics.

Industry Recognition and Accreditation of your Nationally Recognised Training

We have been providing Nationally Recognized Training for the past decades. Skilled Up is authorised to provide the relevant Nationally Recognised Qualifications under the Australian Qualifications Framework as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Number 40471):

Let us look into what each course delivers to students at Skilled Up.

Real Estate

The qualification highlights the role of real estate agents who undertake real estate functions by using understanding of relevant, agency, and regulatory requirements, ethical standards, and customer preferences.

This organization provides two courses under Real Estate program:

The Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice Victoria was created to fill a possible labor market shortfall, especially in real estate agencies. The emphasis is on improving and refining the individual’s understanding of their overall abilities and understanding of real estate practice as a Real estate agent, auctioneer, salesman, and so on across a variety of real estate agency tasks.

Career Outcomes:

Real estate agent
Property Manager
Body corporate manager
Business broker
Buyer’s agent
Support Staff

Duration Time: 6-8 months
Application Fee: $250
Total Learning Hours: 625
Qualification Status: Current

This certificate highlights the role of real estate principals who develop and control real estate operations by using understanding of property agency and regulatory compliances, ethical standards, and customer preferences. This certification is applicable to residential or commercial real estate sales, property maintenance, stratum management, commercial broking, stock and station, or auctioneering.

Career Outcomes:

Real Estate Agency Principal
Strata Management Principal
Agency Manager
Agency Director

Duration Time: 6-8 months
Application Fee: $250
Total Learning Hours: 650
Qualification Status: Superseded
Material Fee: $60

Building and Construction

Building and construction is a rapidly developing industry that requires competent and professional graduates like you. You will receive a nationally recognised credential in building and construction without ever entering a classroom.

You will learn about configuring, codes, standards, and regulatory obligations, as well as how to plan and oversee safe building and construction work, as well as how to establish and manage contracts and apply quality management principles to building and construction programs.

This organization provides two courses under Building and Construction program:

Diploma of Building and Construction – CPC50220

Certificate IV in Building and Construction – CPC40120

This certification reflects the task of making professionals who use their understanding of structural principles, risk assessment, financial planning, estimating, creating and overseeing building and construction contracts, choosing contractors, vetting the work’s quality, and handling construction work in infrastructure projects.

Career Outcomes:
General Foreperson
Building Inspector

Duration Time: 18-24months
Qualification Status: Current
Material Fee: $120

The understanding of structural principles, codes, regulations, and regulatory obligations is applied in the roles of builders, site managers, and supervisors of small to medium-sized construction firms, according to this certification. 

Career Outcomes:
Construction Supervisor
Site Manager
Site Supervisor
Leading Hand
Duration Time: 52 weeks
Qualification Status: Current
Material Fee: $120

Key ideas for instructing small kids in early childhood education environments are introduced throughout the course. After completing the course, you’ll know how to design engaging and diverse learning experiences for young children. You’ll learn about ethically sound relationships, effective teaching and learning strategies, and the value of children, families, and communities as contributors.
This organization provides two courses under Early Childhood Education and Care program:

CHC50121- Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care 

CHC30121- Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

A diploma in early childhood education and care will prepare you for a satisfying career working with young children during their formative years. You will develop the skills necessary to succeed in this fast-paced business with a heavy emphasis on real-world learning and job experiences. The Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care from Skilled Up recognises the responsibility of early childhood educators for developing and implementing curricula in early childhood education and care services.

Career Outcomes:
Family day care educator
Early childhood educator
Room leader
Centre manager
Duration Time: 12-24 months
Qualification Status: Current
Classes: Blended/Virtual
Material Fee: $120

The Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care from Skilled Up addresses the principles of child development, child care, and organising recreational and play activities with a developmental focus.

Career Outcomes:

Early childhood educator
Childcare assistant
Family day care assistant
Childcare worker/nanny
Kindergarten assistant
Duration Time: 12-16 months
Qualifcation Status: Current
Classes: Blended/Virtual/Face-to-face
Material Fee: $120

You may begin a fulfilling career as a learning support officer or teaching assistant by taking the nationally approved School Based Education Support courses. Assist students with a range of requirements to ensure they get the most from their education and have an impact on children’s and little individuals ‘s lives.

Career Outcomes:
Teacher Aide in Schools
Education Support Staff
Education Assistant (Special Needs, language/literacy, cultural support)
Home Tutor
Early Childhood Assistant Educator
School Age Care Assistant Educator
Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Education Worker
Indigenous Language and Culture Teaching Assistant

Duration Time: 8-12 months
Qualification Status: Current
Material Fee: $60

Excellent news for our future students!
While pursuing a Nationally Recognized Qualification with Skilled Up, you can be qualified for Skills First Government Funding! Consequently, you can now enrol in a course at Skilled Up and pay just a percentage of the regular course expenses! Applying eligibility requirements
Don’t let this fantastic chance pass you by; get in touch with one of our experts now to find out if you qualify for government-funded training.

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