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Studying with SKUP


All students participate in an Orientation Program, which provides detailed information on life and study in Melbourne including all required course information to ensure a smooth start to the term and program. It will include information on Vocational Education study in Australia, policies and expectations, occupational health & safety procedures, transport, banking and postal service for example. 

Our Induction/Orientation program is conducted prior to the commencement of the student’s course.  Its purpose is to inform new students about studying at SKUP and about living, studying and working in Australia. This Student Information Handbook will be given to each student as part of the Induction/Orientation Program and used as the major source of information. The Induction/Orientation program will cover: 

  • Introduction to SKUP and its staff
  • Information about the course to be delivered
  • Training and Assessment procedures
  • Assessment centre and course progress
  • ESOS and other legislation
  • Support and academic suuport
  • Student Administration requirements
  • Student Support Services and Campus Resources
  • A tour of SKUP and its facilities
  • Completing LLN assessment and Vet-enrol form
  • Provide feedback on Post enrolment, agent and sign orientation checklist.

Student Support 

In the event that a student is experiencing difficulties with their studies we recommend that the student first speak to their trainer or to another member of the academic staff. We will ensure that the full resources are made available to assist the student to achieve the required standard of performance in their chosen course. 

We also have Student Support Officers who are available to help students adjust in settling in to life in Melbourne.  These staff will also guide and help students with either personal or study problems they may encounter. SKUP will also refer students to a free counselling service also available to assist those who may be facing more serious problems.

The assigned Student Support Officers.

  1. Student Support/Liaison Officer – info@skilledup.edu.au
  2. Admissions Manager – admissions@skilledup.edu.au
  3. Support Welfare officer on request only after the booking)-support@skilledup.edu.au
  4. Academic/LLN Support Officer – support@skilledup.edu.au   

Student Academic Support and Counselling

The Student Learning Support and Counselling program provides: 

  • Somewhere to talk about problems ranging from everyday hassles, to those that are seriously affecting a student’s ability to function
  • A safe place to let off steam
  • An opportunity to generate solutions to problems
  • Academic workshops (At this stage only offering on Sunday’s)
  • English support services (LLN and English Support at this stage offering only on Sunday’s)

If you are experiencing any of the following, we suggest you contact our Learning Advisor/Welfare officer Monica on support@skilledup.edu.au make appointment with Monica through the reception:

  • Thoughts of quitting study 
  • Physical signs of emotional stress 
  • Problems sleeping – either not being able to sleep or having too much sleep
  • Lack of concentration in study or completing normal day-to-day activities
  • Feeling sad and unable to function properly
  • Thoughts about self-harm

Some of the issues that students typically seek counselling about include:

  • Adjustment issues 
  • Stress / Anxiety / depression
  • Victim of assault 
  • Cultural issues – difficulty in ‘fitting in’ to the Australian way of life
  • Family issues
  • Grief and loss 
  • Victim of harassment – either at the college, workplace or in your home
  • Victim of abuse – psychological, physical, sexual
  • Self-esteem 
  • Sex and sexuality  
  • Study problems

A counsellor will help by listening without judgment, offering new perspectives and working with students on strategies that are right for them. All counselling services are strictly confidential between the counsellor and the student. No one else needs to know that you are seeking these services. Make an appointment with our welfare counsellor. Email support@skilledup.edu.au or ask reception to book an appointment.

To assist its students who require or request additional external support on a range of issues from academic to personal, the Skilled Up (SKUP) can also refer them to external welfare service. The details as follows:

SMSC (Study Melbourne Student Centre)

599 Lt Bourke Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000

Telephone 1800 056 449 Email: andrea.brookes@studymelbourne.vic.gov.au

This service provides professional counselling for a range of personal, family and work-related issues as well as mental health issues; psychological and personality assessment; training in time and stress management, assertiveness, conflict resolution, effective communication, interpersonal skills and relationship skills and emotional management.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)

You must complete a Language and Literacy test to highlight areas of difficulties with language, comprehension or numeracy, which will help us decide how best we may assist you with your learning. 

Skilled Up (SKUP) is committed to providing assistance to participants who may have language, literacy and numeracy support requirements. We will provide assistance where possible to participants who are experiencing difficulties with these areas. Referrals for additional support will be provided to specialist language, literacy and numeracy services as appropriate. SKUP will conduct LLN test on orientation day.

Courses provided by SKUP require a minimum level of literacy with respect to both Language and Numeracy. At SKUP, all current and future courses are delivered (both orally and written) in the English language with a number of written assessments and research assignments. SKUP makes every effort to ensure that all students have equal understanding of the assessment requirements. In regard to language, literacy and numeracy (LLN), Skilled Up (SKUP) will ensure that;

  • Appropriate assessment is provided for the task, which may include oral questioning and demonstration as an alternative to reading and writing
  • The assessment does not involve a higher level of LLN skills than the tasks being assessed actually requires
  • Prior to course commencement, student LLN skills are assessed as part of the pre-admission assessment process and are taken into account during your training.

In cases where you may need further assistance with LLN, your trainer will endeavour to guide you to the most appropriate service and/or resource that may be of assistance to you. At this stage all LLN support workshop will be provided on Sunday’s. To book individual appointment please email to assessmentcentre@skilledup.edu.au

Students with Learning Needs

If you have any special learning difficulties or needs, please alert us to these as we can make arrangements to provide you with support. Your trainer should be your first point of contact for assistance for any information you require throughout the duration of your course. If in the case where your trainer cannot assist you, they will to guide you to the most appropriate service and/or resource that may be of assistance to you.

Students with particular needs are able to negotiate alternative learning and assessment strategies where this is allowable under Training Package. Variations in assessment strategies may include such strategies as:

  • Arrangements to undertake assessments verbally where there is difficulty in writing in English
  • Special arrangements that may be required for students with a physical impairment
  • Special arrangements for students with a known learning difficulty.

Other assistance arrangements should be discussed with the training staff directly. Where necessary, we will refer you to the most appropriate staff member or external support agency to assist you to overcome the difficulties.

Your Obligation as a learner

The integrity of SKUP business qualification is maintained by the rigorous application of assessment procedures, during reasonable adjustment according to learner special needs. It is the responsibility of learner to ensure that they meet specified course requirements in order to achieve the desired award. Whilst SKUP qualification staff can assist learner with advice and support during their course of study, it is essential that learner have the ability to work independently in preparation for assessment tasks.

During your study/duration with SKUP the following obligation as a student:

  1. Maintain integrity, work hard and treat other with courtesy and respect. This includes:
    1. Acting with honesty and academic integrity when submitting work for assessment, and in all other dealings with SKUP, SKUP staff and fellow learners.
    2. Respecting the opinion and rights of others within the SKUP community, treating others in a fair and non-discriminatory manner and acting with consideration for others, at all times.
    3. Applying yourself to your studies to the best of your ability, by attending timetabled classes, tutorial and self-pace learning or if you booked any one to one session and submitting any class work given by trainer and your summative assessment to achieve the competency.
  2. Be aware of and comply with policies and procedures. This includes:
    1. Complying with all SKUP rules and policies relating to your responsibilities as a learner including your visa conditions and SKUP student code of conduct.
    2. Complying with al procedures and behaving in a manner that protects the safety of others, as well as your own.
  3. Keep informed and keep SKUP informed. This includes:
    1. Providing fair feedback on training products and on the content and presentation of course after each term.
    2. Providing fair feedback on ASQA survey and NCVER survey’s.
    3. Paying all tuition fee payable according to your tuition fee payment plan and other charges as per your written agreement or total fee mentioned on your eCoE’s.
    4. Maintaining your email account through your enrolment with SKUP. Notify any change of your email and postal address. 
    5. Immediately update your contact details if changes within your one study period with SKUP from initial given details.
    6. Confirm your contact details by replaying SKUP email after every six months during your study with SKUP.
    7. Duty of care apply working in SKUP simulated Kitchen
  4. Represent SKUP with integrity and professionalism. This includes:
    1. Conducting yourself in professional manner while undertaking placement, project work, and respecting the confidentiality of clients/SKUP placement, or commercial information made available to you through such activities.

Skilled Up Pty Ltd Commitment

During your study/duration at Skilled Up (SKUP), SKUP commit to provide the following:

To provide a high-quality education that is intellectually stimulating. This includes:

  1. To provide timely and accurate information prior to enrolment and during your study with SKUP, this includes:
    1. Providing constructive and appropriate feedback in a timely manner on work submitted for assessments.
    2. Mark your assessment within 10 working days and provide the outcome.
    3. Providing opportunity to take the mentoring & Coaching program (if applicable). Provide additional support if require on Academic/LLN during the term or in term breaks.
    4. Providing the negotiated training plan at start of the term
    5. Conduct pre-training review (PTR) prior to commencement to ensure you chosen the right course.
    6. Providing accurate, timely and accessible information about all relevant aspect of your specific training products (i.e. including but not limited on the course content, assessments requirements, training plan, assessments submission dates and timetable). Before course commencement.
    7. Provide help on making right choice of training product before enrolment.
    8. Provide pre-enrolment information to help in making decision on the desire course admission (please see Skilled Up prospectus and website for pre-enrolment information).
    9. SKUP will ensure that all relevant training product learning materials, information, assessments, mentoring program, rules and policies relating to learner easily accessible via website or on request.
    10. SKUP will ensure that not being disadvantage if SKUP changes the requirements of training product or discontinues the training product in which you are enrolled and being advised of pathways to complete that program or an appropriate alternative program.
    11. SKUP will ensure that in case of any discontinuing of SKUP, you not being disadvantage in getting the refund on the un-used fee.
    12. SKUP will ensure to issue the AQF qualification within 30 day’s once you successfully completed the training product requirements.
    13. SKUP will ensure that you will get the statement of attainment, if you decided not to continue with SKUP or another reason of discontinuing in your chosen course.
    14. SKUP, provide you all testamurs without any charges.
    15. SKUP, provide your orientation and LLN support.
    16. SKUP, will provide quality training product and assessments in compliance with Standards for Registered Training Organisation 2015
  2. To be respected and treated fairly and equitably. This includes:
    1. Being treated fairly and in a non-discriminatory manner, regardless of your culture and educational background.
    2. Providing access to fair and equitable complaints and appeals process
    3. Providing legal rights, respected, including right of privacy
    4. Having consumer protection rights.
  3. To provide academic, welfare and supportive environment, this includes:
    1. Having the freedom to voice alternative views during rational discussion and debate.
    2. Provide the opportunity to appeal against the SU academic or non-academic decisions or complaint.
    3. SKUP is committed to ensure that access and equity considerations are incorporate in the provision of training delivery and assessment services in an environment that embraces equal opportunities, equity, fairness and respect for social and cultural diversity. All staffs are made aware of SKUP policies and procedures and orientation program.

In the event of a default by Skilled Up Pty Ltd, students are entitled to a refund under the provision of the ESOS Act 2000 and ESOS Regulations 2016. If Skilled Up does not offer a course on the advertised start date, terminates a course after the course start date and before the course completion date, or does not provide a course as advertised, due to sanctions or circumstances beyond its control, Skilled Up will refund the tuition fee (including any deposit/full fee deposit) to the student within 14 days after the default date or offer an alternative course with another provider at no extra cost. If SKUP does not refund to you the unspent pre-paid course fee received for the course or obtain your written acceptance of enrolment into alternative course within the provider notification and obligation period of the course not being delivered, or not delivered in full to you, SKUP will notify the TPS Director within 7 days. The TPS director will facilitate access to the on-line course placement service to enable you to identify and enroll into a suitable alternative course.


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