A Certificate IV in Real Estate Property is an ultimate skill to set you up for a career in real estate. Whether you’re employed in real estate sales, estate management or executive in a real estate agency, this course will provide you with the abilities and expertise you ought to be successful in this industry. You might work with landowners who are selling their house, buyers looking to purchase a home, owners who are renting their space out or residents who are looking for a lease.

The Certificate IV in Real Estate delve into a range of topics related to working in the real estate business. You’ll find out about the key roles of a real estate agency and learn how to reduce risk to all parties’ complex in a real estate operation. The course discovers the regulation engaged in selling and controlling estate and find out more about the legal and principled obligations of a real estate agency.

Working in real estate is a thrilling and fulfilling job position. If you have great customer assistance skills and experience helping individuals find the real property for their requirements. People working in real estate industry need superb people talents and should be good conversationalists. You’ll require to be a nice trouble solver and should be able to collaborate with people from a selection of experiences.

A Certificate IV in Property Services is an ideal course of training for the go along with careers:

Property Manager

A Property Manager supervises the management of leasing properties on behalf of landowners. They could deal with domestic or commercial estates and will act as an association between the house owner and residents. Property Executives might have to coordinate renovations and maintenance when needed or conduct examinations of properties.

Real Estate Agent

A Real Estate Agent aligns the purchasing and selling of properties. They act as a contact person between people selling their property and those looking to buy. They might have to supervise the sale process involving sketching up contracts and coordinating settlement. Real Estate Agents also have to advertise assets for sale, communicate with prospective buyers and introduce open houses or private inspections.

There’s plenty of different career paths you can take in real estate. Rewarding careers for graduate with a Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice include;

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Sales Agent

Residential Property Manager

Commercial Property Manager

Business Broker or Business Agent

Stock and Station Agent


Real Estate Office Administrator

Higher education pathways

If you’re looking to start a pleasing career in real estate, our high-quality, nation-wide recognised vocational training programs will ensure you gain the necessary skills and expertise to get the most out of the rewarding real estate profession.

Studying A Certificate IV in Real Estate Training course is a great way to get began in a real estate profession. If you’d like to be successful as a real estate agent or a estate manager you could continue your researches with a Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice. If you planning to own or manage a real estate agency you could also enroll in a Diploma of Property Management. This course offers additional knowledge on managing a real estate business involving legal agreement.

If you decide to expand your career in real estate, you could enrol in a university degree program such as a Bachelor of Property Finances or a Bachelor of Business majoring in real estate. This will increase your knowledge and expand your career prospects. You may be able to use a Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) as a pathway to these courses.

Getting started

If you’re considering about joining in a Certificate IV in Real Estate, you should start by locating the right course provider. Make sure, you apply for information from a choice of course providers as they often be different in how they provide. It’s essential you find out around the duration of the course, fees, any requirements, and the subject the course will cover. Get in touch with us.



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