How to Start a Career in Real Estate Australia

In this fast-paced and gratifying profession, assist customers in buying or selling real estate and utilise your market expertise to provide knowledgeable advice.

You must fulfil the qualifying requirements outlined by the licencing authority in your state and get a credential like a CPP41419- Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice to become a real estate agent. Also, you must complete a 12-month internship with a real estate agent to get started in your real estate career!

Learn more about the real estate profession, the situation of the employment market, and how to land your new ideal position.

Job Description For a Real Estate Agent


Real estate agents assist clients with the purchase, sale, and rental of homes, land, and other residential and commercial assets. They may provide investment advice since they have a thorough understanding of industry procedures, know how to advertise a home efficiently and keep an eye on the real estate market.

Moreover, they assist landlords in managing rental properties by arranging contracts, inspections, maintenance, and payments and serving as a point of contact for all tenant discussions.

Responsibilities and Tasks of a Real Estate Agent


A real estate agent’s day is diverse and constantly shifting. This fast-paced position comes with a lot of duties, and you can frequently have to work weekends.

Howewhat do real estate brokers actually do? A  real estate agent’s responsibilities include:

  • Listing businesses, real estate, and other items for sale or lease.
  • Advising property owners and prospective purchasers on matters related to the market.
  • Inspecting leased properties.
  • Arranging for renters to pay their rent.
  • Ensuring that both landlords and renters adhere to the law.
  • Interacting with contractors for maintenance or property services related to rentals.
  • Drafting contracts and other legal paperwork for the sale of either residential or commercial property.
  • Monitoring open houses and property showings.
  • Updating online real estate listings.
  • Staging real estate.
  • Representing purchasers in negotiations.
  • Organizing auctions.

Trends in the Real Estate Agent Job Market


In Australia, employment in the real estate industry is growing. Given the employment market’s consistency during the previous five years, forecasts indicate that growth will pick up in the coming five years and climb by more than 8%, making a career in real estate reliable.

Earnings for real estate brokers can vary greatly based on region and expertise. A skilled real estate salesperson has the ability to make a lot of money through selling commissions, which can lead to an incredibly competitive income.

Pathway Options in Real Estate Sector

There are several different areas where competent real estate agents may use their abilities. A job in real estate may also pique your interest in particular aspects of the industry, allowing you to concentrate on it and really succeed in it.

You may work in different roles, such as:


  • Real Estate Assistant
  • Buyer’s Agent
  • Assistant Property Manager
  • Facilities Manager
  • Property Manager
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Strata Manager
  • Real Estate Auctioneer
  • Real Estate Agency Manager

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Australia?

Finding out how to enter the real estate industry might seem like a difficult endeavour, and the path is not always clear-cut because different states have various licencing requirements. There are precise measures that must be taken in order to enter the real estate market.

  • Work Experience

    Apply for a position as an agent’s representative, acquire the job, and work there for a year. This must be finished within three years before applying in order to obtain a real estate agent licence.

  • Study

You may get ready for a job in the industry and demonstrate initiative and drive for your new profession by finishing a real estate course like the CPP41419-Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice. With the appropriate certification, you can earn competency points towards your real estate agent licence.

  • Request a Licence

With your local state licencing body, submit an application for a real estate agent licence.

What Qualifications are Needed to Become a Real Estate Agent in Australia?


When beginning a career in real estate, taking an approved course offered by TAFE or an RTO (registered training organisation) is a crucial first step. HowStudying for a successful profession in real estate is now simpler than ever thanks to flexible learning alternatives, self-paced study modes, and government-provided financing aid.

There are several possible beginning places for real estate certification. Some people could get real estate credentials before landing their first job. Others could enter the field through a similar job to get their foot in the door, giving them access to possibilities to develop professionally.

A course like Certificate IV in Real Estate gives students the real estate education they need to work for a certified real estate company and handle a wide variety of duties.

Those who want to engage in residential and commercial real estate, including stock and station trades and business broking, should have this certification.

This course may be finished online or on campus and typically lasts a year.

For students who match the prerequisites, this course qualifies for government funding, which may pay all or a portion of the course expenses.



You should have a clear understanding by now of whether a career in real estate is a suitable fit for you. To get started, enrol in CPP41419- Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice or CPP51122-Diploma of Property (Agency Management) at one of the top recognised training institutions known as Skilled Up. Contact us now to learn more about our courses!

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